Monterey Ridge Elementary is always looking to improve the safety of its students. Sun safety is an important topic to consider, especially if there is an opportunity to decrease student sun exposure and in turn, reduce their risk of skin cancer. Currently, the student assembly area does not provide any protection from the sun. MRES has a goal to fundraise for a new custom-designed shade structure that would help protect students against harmful sun rays and make their Friday Flag assemblies more enjoyable and comfortable. The assembly area is a great place for students to come together and enjoy school events in addition to the weekly Friday Flag. Adding shade would help bring new uses to this common area and could also extend the classroom beyond the school buildings as a new outdoor learning area.

A potential partner for the construction of the shade is USASHADE & Fabric Structures. They will work with MRES to custom design shades to cover the current assembly area and ensure our school children get the maximum protection from harmful UV sun rays. Sample structure option:

MRES Awning Project

Want to help?

We hope you can help MRES reduce the risk for skin cancer among its students, teachers, staff, and visitors with your donation today.

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© Copyright 2018-2021
All rights reserved.