Running Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday morning at Monterey Ridge Elementary School @ 8:25 AM.  Enter through the side gate near the bike rack.

This year's goals:

  • 10 Mile - Running Club T-shirt for 1st 150 runners (sponsored by PLAAY)
  • 25 Mile - Running Club Hat & Sunglasses
  • 50 Mile - MRES RC Keychain
  • 75 MILE - MRES RC Keychain
  • 100 Mile - Surprise


Thank you so much for your time and effort in helping make Running Club a smooth process in the morning. If you could please show up a few minutes before 8:25 AM that would be great. We will need help passing out Running Club cards, marking cards as runners run a lap, running with the kids and assisting kids who need a little encouragement.

Kindergarten Parents:

We encourage our kindergarten parents to stay with their child, but if you can't, we have a wonderful volunteer that will walk all the kindergarten kids back to the kindergarten playground at 8:50 AM. The kindergarteners should know where to go from there. The volunteer will be holding up a sign at 8:50 AM and any kindergarten that is not with their parent can walk back with this group.


If your child attends ESS, they will walk the kids to the Running Club at 8:25 AM. The kids will be released at that time and will need to know where to go after Running Club is over. Kindergarteners can walk back with our volunteer at 8:50 AM to the kindergarten playground.

Closed Campus:

If you want to attend the Running Club, you will need a "Running Club Parent Pass". We will hand these out during the month of September after that you will have to check-in at the front desk and get one from them. If you are on campus you will need your Running Club Parent Pass with you at all times!!! If you don't have your pass with you, you will be asked to check-in at the front desk and get one there. Let's please continue to make our campus a safe place for our children and follow these rules. There is nothing better to see our kids run with their parents. Also if your child does not attend MRES they are not allowed on campus. Sorry for the inconvenience on this, but it comes down to a liability issue.

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© Copyright 2018-2022 All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2018-2022
All rights reserved.