In less than sixty days, the biggest event in 4S Ranch soccer history will be upon us as SD Force FC takes on the ominous duty of hosting the Summer Clasico. Presented by PLAAY, this inaugural soccer tournament will take place in the heart of summer on Friday, July 20 through Sunday the 22nd. Soccer teams from all over the Southland and beyond will participate in this three-day competition, at fields all within our beautiful neighborhood. Showcasing homegrown talent, 4S Ranch youth soccer has come along way from its humble beginnings over a decade ago. Providing our kids an opportunity to play recreational soccer was the primary goal that evolved into adding a competitive component, then known as the mighty Avengers.

Experiencing the usual growing pains of a start-up, they worked through their kinks and partnered with and became known as Arsenal, an affiliate of the popular MLS team, winning the prestigious state title in the first year. Looking beyond the periphery of early success, sites were set toward establishing a brand new identity that is now the San Diego Force Futbol Club. Barely in its second year, boasting one of the best makeovers in the world of youth club sports, Force is building a brand second to none. This seamless transition would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of skilled players, talented coaches, supportive parents, and dedicated board members, all working together to achieve consistent success.

The Summer Clasico has been in production for over a year and will serve two main objectives. First, an opportunity for Force to host and participate in their own tournament and second, position our community as a premier soccer competition destination. For years our teams have been supporting other programs, playing in about seven local tournaments annually. Finally, we can be the “belle of the ball,” highlighting Force’s ability to host. However, tournament success relies on many variables; good weather, good fields, good referees and sitting at the top of this list, teams, enough to offer a full schedule of worthy opponents. Soliciting teams is achieved through reciprocals (the term for getting clubs to participate based on our participation in their tournaments).

Reciprocal relationships fall mostly on the shoulder of our distinguished Director of Coaches Jose Ocampo relying on his rapport with other coaches to attract teams. A soccer tournament must provide competition in a festive atmosphere especially to those teams who travel a distance. Easy access to good food and hotels are essential perks to families contemplating returning the following year. Clubs familiar with higher-end tournaments like Man City and Surf Cup may not view the Clasico to be on the level but those events had to evolve to become what they are today. Hopefully, in the near future, we will be recognized not only as an elite program but a great tournament host with the Summer Clasico on club soccer calendars as the must PLAAY event of the year!