Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Did we really need Beyoncé’s infectious percussion-driven anthem touting the declaration “Run The World” to highlight the obvious? Females have the innate power to be who they want to be and run anything they choose! Whatever field ladies dominate, not because they want to but frankly, cause they have to. Yep, we fellas have let pride, chauvinistic ideals and ego-driven emotions get in the way of success while the opposite sex welcomes opportunity naturally. However, I’m more inclined to believe Ms. Lauper’s 80’s mega pop hit “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” to be their true mantra, with no better platform to showcase this prowess than in sports. Contrary to mainstream sentiment, females are quite athletic and perform exceptionally, not just because of their athleticism but by being more pragmatic. It’s that simple; ladies tend to follow instructions, ask for directions and try to do things right the first time. They have learned to be fierce competitors as they infiltrate male-dominated sports. Redefining the moniker “play like a girl” as a badge of honor rather than a diss often making the hardest techniques and maneuvers look effortless.

I must admit, initially, I was nervous to coach girls—just wasn’t sure I could connect on an emotional level and hold their attention long enough to teach retainable skills. So what I’m a charismatic self-acclaimed people person, the task of managing a group of opinionated little ladies was a whole other monster. I’d earned my proverbial coaching stripes managing my son’s teams in several sports and like most dads being a big kid at heart made it easy relating to boys. Lucky for me my first attempt was as an assistant to a dad who knew exactly what to do; mixing fun with instruction in every practice, Coach Chris made the process exciting. I was able to absorb and replicate that skill as a head coach the following year and five years later I’ve become quite proficient. Girls are planners, they don’t just rely on their intuition, which at times can be sufficient, they strategize. Whether its to score a goal, stop a defender or get a hit, ladies have an objective to work through obstacles that impede their progress. They rely on instincts and deductive reasoning to combat roadblocks all the while knowing it’s just a game and if they fail they’ll be better prepared the next time.

We are currently in the thick of America’s National pastime, that’s right Monday’s, Thursday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s are dominated by college and professional football. I know most females don’t play tackle, but in fifteen years I don’t believe the current platform will even exist. Lucky for us, a slight derivation known as Flag Football has created a niche for both genders that is gaining momentum throughout the country. This past Fall in 4S Ranch a dynamic duo of young ladies in 4th and 6th grades showed emphatically why girls are incredible athletes. Under Armour “Under The Lights” Flag Football League showcased females who dominated when it counted and in the end, the oldest division was crowned champions! These affable athletes were no tokens of promotion for the word “coed” but true contributors—an undeniable force of pigtail power capable of winning at any level when given a chance. Whether it’s tennis with Serena, World Cup Soccer with Alex or the metaphor of masculinity NASCAR with Danica, females prove they are a huge draw and worth the price of admission. Girls have earned their place at the table and through all the hard work, perseverance, ups and downs they still run the world and have a whole lotta fun doing it!